Tips On Choosing The Best Contractor For Roofing Leads

19 Dec

Roofers and local contractors have in the recent past carried out lot of businesses. One of the reasons behind this could be global warming or it could be that this type of business is becoming more and more popular and people are taking advantage of the high returns from the low cost outsourcing services in new business generation.     

The best part of the hail damage roofing leads campaign is that mostly the homeowner has the damages covered by the insurance therefore all the repairs do not cost him anything at all.    

Let us look at how you can get the road map to follow from the hail damage campaign for anybody looking for roofing leads business at after a hail storm damage.      

It is advised that you use a company that outsources the services instead of the independent provider. There are many reasons for this decision. After a storm you need to follow up if you don't your competitors will. If you are the second company that will call the affected area the results will be lower. Success can be achieved if go through a company to launch and scale up a campaign if you choose to go through a company as this will ensure you are the first to get there. Click for More!

If you have an updated homeowner list use it. In case you have to buy the data so that you can call ensure it is updated. There is nothing as bad as calling the wrong person as this will not give you any appointment.  For more information, you may also visit

Keep track of the results.  You can use google docs to share the notes and call list with your agent. Doing a follow up is valuable as this will help you to know the streets and the neighbors as you might have to do a door-to-door campaign.    

Make sure that your script is simple.  Do not think beyond what your agent would write to the prospects.   Mention to them your name and who you work for.  Go on and inform them that you are roofing company and your reason for calling is due to the hail storm that occurred recently and the damages it cause.  

Let them know that you are visiting his neighbors at a date which you will decide to do an estimate of their damage.   Interest them by telling them that you will be happy to also send to a crew to their home to also check on the damage if any. Let them know there are no charges attached to doing the estimate and that the whole job is covered by the insurance company.   

Find out the day they will be available. As such a time a home owner could be feeling vulnerable and you will do so much good to sympathize with them in those times.

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